November 17, 2020

Table of Contents for a work-in-progress



1: The moment I no longer wanted to be famous
2: Amateur Compassion
3: Promiscuous Bewilderment
4: The world ends in our desires
5: A story about computers in the future
6: There can be no theory of the novel that is not itself a novel
7: Helpless laughter happens more than once


8: Helpless laughter happens more than once
9: The doctorette (with others) make a discovery
10: A hell called paradise mission
11: To the success of our hopeless mission
12: Compersion
13: Real Life
14: the world is ending / the world is unending


(A novel about ecological collapse and telepathic kittens.)

(Right now I'm about ten pages into writing chapter six.)


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Lucy Bellwood said...

Each of these chapter titles feels like an essay I'm already longing to read.