October 19, 2012

Six Manifestos and/or Semi-manifestos


Over the past few years, I have written six manifestos (and/or semi-manifestos):

Notes on Literature (Unfinished Manifesto)

Manifesto for Confusion, Struggle and Conflicted Feelings

Songs Are Meant For Singing, a manifesto

Resistance as Paradox

Artist’s Pledge

A short history of anti-theatre, non-music, counter-philosophy, semi-specific art and unpolitics

I wonder if I will write more.


1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hello, thanks for your manifestoing! An acupuncturist once told me in no uncertain terms that it is a fact that singing is incompatible with worry so the ones about confusion and singing really work together. Have you read Rebecca Solinits' Field Guide to Getting Lost? I loved it and recommend it. I like to read about being lost and confused. Right now I'm reading an essay on the value of not knowing. Apparently a bunch of important philosophers also find this important and so if they do then it must be right??!?? Phew I can get on with being lost yippee! See you at Sea.