December 25, 2012



At the coffee place
on Christmas day
on one of three televisions
a movie I had seen most of
once before on a plane
Jim Carey as a rich jerk
who's humanized by a gaggle
of CGI penguins
a movie for children
with a simple lesson
the rich are not destroying the artic
not destroying the penguins
but rather saving them
and being humanized in the process
brought closer to their families
a shitty, stupid movie
pure propaganda
and both times I saw it
I cried



Anonymous said...

if this is your idea of poetry, then you should really stop writing poetry and work on that slanderous novel. jim carey/disney-as-film-as-emotional-rape critique is not worth your time, or the internet's.

Jacob Wren said...

Yes, but that film made me cry.