January 8, 2013

Excerpts from All the Stories by Dora García


Two messengers were sent with two different messages: the one should tell 'You are all mortals', and the other 'You will live forever'. Only the first one reaches us, the second messenger is still trying to deliver his message.

In a far away country, men are so wicked that babies refuse to be born.

There is not just one universe, but many, all threaded together like pearls on a string, and then tangled.

Two people wait in the street for a theatrical event to start, impatient to see the actors, who are said to be very good. As they grow tired of waiting, they realize that the theatrical event has already started, and they they are the actors.

A way is found to freeze aging. All people look like eighteen, although of course there are real eighteens and fake eighteens. A test circulates among people to distinguish the fake from the real, the real eighteens being highly appreciated as sexual companions.

A man takes the train every day to his job and back. Every day the train goes through a tunnel for about two minutes. Then one day the tunnel does not seem to ever end.

Twin sisters present themselves to the world as one single woman. One of the sisters represents the outspoken, social, successful self; the other sister takes care of the tender, familiar, sexual and emotional side. When one of the sisters kills herself, the other has to cope with all aspects of the fictive personality they had both created.

Technology is irrevocably changing the world. Including human feelings.

Tanks enter the city to extinguish a revolution. Citizens fight the tanks with stones, and then one soldier comes out of one of the tanks, crying: Why do you throw stones at us? Don't you realize we are here because we love you?



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