October 15, 2016

An ongoing list of possible titles


[It seems my main activity these day is trying to think of a title. I will attempt to continue this as an ongoing list.]

The Uncontrived Encounter

Promiscuous Bewilderment

The Worst Apology

Jacob’s in a State of Decimation

Dry Your Tears To Perfect Your Aim

The Earth Owns Itself

There Is So Much To Unlearn

Those Who Can't Teach

The Past is the Future

Having Never Experienced Jealousy

Imperfect Love

Unfinished Love

The Unfinished Present

My Apologies

Past, Present, Future, Etc.

How Not To Be A Hypocrite

Desire Without Expectation

Unfinished Love / Imperfect Love

Some Future

Life is very short and should not be spent crawling at the feet of miserable scoundrels

The Depressed Saint

Ashes Without A Phoenix

Not of the Ruins

Unfinished, Imperfect, Untitled

Everything Has Not Been Done

My Plan is to Stay Calm

I often say that I'm not particularly consequent

Because I Love Art, I Want Art To Be Different

When We Bomb It's War, When They Bomb It's Terrorism

Care and Time

Pushing the Wealth Upwards

Practical Utopias

And the Sadness is Comedy

Aging Rock Star

Do people like sex?

Hospitality and Resistance

An Enemy Is Someone Whose Story You Haven’t Heard Yet

Something Might Still Change

Love Is Not A Game

Manifesto For Collective Child Rearing

Experiments In Curating

There Are At Least Seven Bands With The Name Triangle

Freedom Is Always Connected To Disappointment

How Not To Be Irrelevant

Where I Come From We Give Love


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