July 3, 2018

Authentic Sludge/or/Utopia is a Feeling


So excited to be launching Authenticity is a Feeling again alongside Catherine Fatima's amazing book Sludge Utopia. And Emily Coyle will be interviewing us. It's happening in Montreal at Librairie Drawn & Quarterly on Friday July 6th at 7pm. 

Facebook event.


Two passages from Sludge Utopia:

You think that if you separate yourself from a feeling of conjointedness and mutual surveillance, you pry back from the world a life that is more authentically yours, but what truly happens is you’re just miserable again. One articulates so well when miserable. There’s such sharp thought in loneliness. Trouble is, it’s so sharp it’s scary, and it’s pathetic when there’s not even the promise of an audience. So people become artists. For the comfort of solitude with an audience.


I just want to desire - and be gratified by my desire for - something both politically progressive and pragmatic. And I would like the desire of others near me to fall in line with my own. I want it to cooperate with school and work. I want to live cultivating an interpersonal ethic that works to change larger public ethics. I want a psyche that has sucked in so much garbage from outside to project itself back out, cleansed, onto the heart of the world, eliminating capitalism. Is that too much to ask?


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