August 9, 2019

Music I like perhaps mainly because it makes me feel a little bit better about getting older


Between some Robert Forster solo records (Songs to Play, Inferno) and some Edwyn Collins solo records (Understated, Badbea) I no longer think getting old in rock 'n' roll is such a bad thing.

(When I posted this on social media someone also mentioned Peter Perrett's How The West Was Won.)

(And of course, now and always, Robert Wyatt's Comicopera.)

(Also, perhaps somewhat related, I've always loved Boy George's 2013 single King of Everything.)

UPDATE: I felt I needed to add at least three more records to this post (though of course I'm sure there are hundreds of others also worthy of being added): The Devil Laughs by Stuart Moxham & Louis PhilippeNegative Capability by Marianne Faithfull and Pleasure, Joy and Happiness by Eddie Chacon.

And since I now realize this post is mostly about aging, out of curiosity, I thought I would take a moment to look it up:

Robert Wyatt was born in 1945
Marianne Faithfull was born in 1946
Peter Perrett was born in 1952
Stuart Moxham was borh in 1955
Robert Forster was born in 1957
Louis Philippe was born in 1959
Edwyn Collins was born in 1959
Boy George was born in 1961
Eddie Chacon was born in 1963

(I was born in 1971)


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