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February 21, 2024

Sometimes it seems to me that the process of rehearsal is simply a process of emotional armouring...


A quote from my book Authenticity is a Feeling: My Life in PME-ART. As posted by Lucy Bellwood on Tumblr:


“Sometimes it seems to me that the process of rehearsal is simply a process of emotional armouring: we will make everything absolutely perfect so no one will ever see who or what we really are.”


February 2, 2024

Ten years ago I thought this was never meant to happen....


I've been thinking a lot about how Polyamorous Love Song came out ten years ago. How it was a moment that, in some ways, really changed my life. The first time it had occurred to me my books could have any sort of readership. I had always assumed I would be a writer without a readership. I had always been told my books were too experimental for very many people to ever read them. And here was one of my most experimental books, being read by far more people than had read anything I'd previously written. I partly assumed the success of Polyamorous Love Song had something to do with the last minute title change, that the title itself drew people to the book. But, much later, a friend said the quality she most liked about it was its “surrealist polyvocality,” and this quality was one of the main reasons for its success. (When I was young I think I wanted to be some sort of “cult writer.” But now that I am in fact some sort of cult writer, I have the strange feeling that people don't even really know what that is anymore.) Ten years is both a long time and not such a long time. Sometimes I have the feeling I will never write anything people like as much again. But, I suppose, every time one puts out a new book there's a chance something unexpected might, once again, occur.

You can read an excerpt here.
You can find out about the original title here.

Plus some reviews of Polyamorous Love Song:
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Letters we wrote to friends after reading Polyamorous Love Song

February 1, 2024

Percival Everett Quote


In my writing my instinct was to defy form, but I very much sought in defying it to affirm it, an irony that was difficult enough to articulate, much less defend.
– Percival Everett, Erasure


[Fascinated by the idea that they’ve made an Oscar-nominated film from Percival Everett's Erasure. As is often (but not always) the case, the book is considerably better. But I was intrigued by just how Hollywood they managed to make it while at the same time maintaining something of its original essence. Between American Fiction and Poor Things, I find myself wondering if turning experimental novels into Hollywood films has become something of a momentary trend.]


January 9, 2024

The Air Contains Honey / with a reading by Assiyah Jamilla Touré


The Air Contains Honey
With a reading by Assiyah Jamilla Touré
Fundraiser for Brique Par Brique
Co-presented by Arts in the Margins

La Sala Rossa
Wednesday January 31st, 2024
7:30pm doors / 8pm show
$16 + tax in advance / $20 at the door

(The Air Contains Honey only performs once a year. Don't miss your chance!)

(The Air Contains Honey’s lineup is ever shifting. But on January 31st we believe it will be: Pietro Amato. Maude Arès, Patrick Conan, Michael Feuerstack, James Goddard, Thanya Iyer, Modibo Keita, Adam Kinner, Liam O’Neill, Lara Oundjian, Pompey, Stephen Quinlan, Rebecca Rehder, Catherine Fatima, Frédérique Roy, Mulu Tesfu & Jacob Wren.)

Advance tickets
Facebook Event

The Air Contains Honey Facebook Page

Poster by Maude Arès


January 5, 2024

The Haunting Presence of a Network: On Eugene Lim / By Shinjini Dey


The Haunting Presence of a Network: On Eugene Lim / By Shinjini Dey:


I’ve been reading all of Eugene Lim’s books for a while now and it was really nice to read such an important essay on his work by Shinjini Dey. A short excerpt:

“No one is writing like Lim. If anything, Lim forces us to articulate how we ask questions of the world—inside and outside literature. How does anyone act in retaliation or defense? How does anyone appraise and evaluate anything at all? How does one live inside this impasse?”

(I highly recommend all of Eugene Lim's books but if you have to pick just one I would definitely start with Search History.)


January 3, 2024

Pum Pum Poetry by PYNE featuring Gavsborg


I only posted albums on my 2023 end of year list. But if I'd also had individual songs I would have definitely included Pum Pum Poetry by PYNE featuring Gavsborg:


Such an amazing track.

January 2, 2024

a trilogy (of a sort)


I guess I'm working on a trilogy (of a sort): https://radicalcut.blogspot.com/2020/10/three-trilogies.html


December 23, 2023

Updated PME-ART website


I’ve updated the PME-ART website just in time for the holidays: www.pme-art.ca


December 19, 2023

Dry Your Tears to Perfect Your Aim is now available for preorder


My new novel Dry Your Tears to Perfect Your Aim is now available for preorder:


(I've been working on this for so long and am so curious what people will think of it.)

Cover art by Kim Kielhofner.

Stay tuned.

December 7, 2023

Some favourite things from my 2023


[So it seems like I now do this list more or less every year. I really do love lists. As with previous years, this is in no particular order and many of these things didn't come out during the previous year. As well, there should really be more performances and exhibitions on the list, but since the pandemic I'm still not seeing nearly as many of either and therefore this is where things currently stand.]

MIKE – Beware of the Monkey
B. Cool-Aid – Leather Blvd
Jockstrap - I Love You Jennifer B
Noname – Sundial
Aldous Harding – Warm Chris
Kari Faux – Lowkey Superstar (Deluxe)
Dreamer Isioma – Princess Forever
nutrients – Different Bridges
Melenas – Ahora
H31R – HeadSpace
Just A Touch: Underground UK Soul Compiled by Sam Don
Somewhere Between: Mutant Pop, Electronic Minimalism & Shadow Sounds of Japan

Ordinary Notes – Christina Sharpe
Hospicing Modernity – Vanessa Machado De Oliveira
The Nutmeg’s Curse – Amitav Ghosh
Francisco – Alison Mills Newman
The Fifth Wound – Aurora Mattia
A Rock, A River, A Street – Steffani Jemison
The Women’s House of Detention – Hugh Ryan
Baby Book – Amy Ching-Yan Lam
Alien Daughters Walk Into the Sun – Jackie Wang
The Rage Letters – Valérie Bah (Translated by Kama La Mackerel)
Easily Slip into Another World – Henry Threadgill with Brent Hayes Edwards
For Sure – France Daigle (Translated by Robert Majzels)
Catastrophe Time! – Gary Zhexi Zhang (Editor)

Performances & Visual Art
BLACK MOON – FATHERMOTHER (Kezia Waters & Jordan Brown)
Nehanda – nora chipaumire
Reminiscencia – Malicho Vaca Valenzuela
Quantum Choir – Michèle Pearson Clarke
The Roman de Remort, or the inhumane, villainous fabliaux of the Ultimate Carnaval – Marion Lessard

Some passages from Ordinary Notes by Christina Sharpe
Some lines from For Sure by France Daigle (Translated by Robert Majzels)
A short text I wrote about HOUSE OF ALL