July 22, 2012

The most nihilistic song is All You Need Is Love


In my dream last night, the last thing I remember saying just before I woke up was: ‘Alain Badiou says the most nihilistic song is All You Need Is Love.’


July 13, 2012

Possible opening for a new book...


I want to start again. I want to write a book that has nothing to do with any of the books I’ve written before. This is the kind of book you write when you think you might be dead soon. A book to make enemies, to take revenge on people who most likely don’t deserve it…


July 11, 2012

Juliana Spahr quote


They found themselves questioning ambiguity and its presumed neutrality in their work.
- Juliana Spahr, The Transformation


July 7, 2012

Short fragment on The Pinocchio Syndrome in contemporary literature


I don’t remember exactly when I started calling it The Pinocchio Syndrome, this: I want to be a real boy / I want to be a real novel thing. I don’t want to write strange, experimental, impossible to categorize, novel-like-things anymore. I don’t want to be marginalized like that. I want to write a real novel with real characters and a real story that will be taken seriously by the literary world. I think every writer of difficult-to-categorize fiction struggles to some extent with The Pinocchio Syndrome (along with the exceptions to every rule.)



July 6, 2012

Laura Riding Quote


Plainly the only problem is to avoid the love of lost identity which drives so many clever people to hold difficult points of view – by difficult I mean big, hungry, religious points of view which absorb their personality. I for one am resolved to mind or not mind only to the degree where my point of view is no larger than myself. I can thus have a great number of points of view, like fingers, and which I can treat as I treat the fingers of my hand, to hold my cup, to tap the table for me and fold themselves away when I do not wish to think.

- Laura Riding, Anarchism Is Not Enough, 1928


July 2, 2012

A video and four texts on my collaboration with Tori Kudo while in residency at The Museum of Art, Kochi

From January 24 to February 23, 2012 I was in residency in Japan at The Museum of Art, Kochi to begin a new project in collaboration with Tori Kudo. While there, I wrote three short texts about our work together. Tori also wrote one text. You will find links to all four of these texts below: 

Letter to some members of Maher Shalal Hash Baz (who I have yet to meet) in preparation for our performance together

Rough English translation of Tori Kudo's notes towards our project together

Some notes while working in the Ehime Prefecture

A certain spirit of amateurism

Bonus: You can also find a YouTube playlist of 94 Japanese music videos here

And a playlist of some of my favourite Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Tori Kudo and Reiko Kudo videos here.