June 6, 2008

Notes Towards A Critical Optimism - Part Two


Ten Points Concerning Critical Optimism:

1. Optimism is an attitude towards reality that affects ones actions.

2. Without optimism nothing happens. Critical optimism is a desire expressed through action to make sure that not only bad things happen.

3. Optimism isn’t enough, we also require a tactic.

4. There is no optimism without imagination.

5. Optimism has less to do with your concrete situation and more to do with your attitude towards that situation.

6. The future isn’t fixed.

7. Focusing on the next small, experimental step instead of the big utopian dream.

8. A respect for the facts and for reality.

9. What would it take to turn a pessimist into an optimist?

10. Resistance.

And for Part One: http://radicalcut.blogspot.com/2007/02/towards-critical-optimism-preliminary.html


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