January 15, 2009

Alexander Melamid Quote


There's a crisis of ideas in art, which is felt by many, many people... Artists now - I cannot speak for all, but I have talked to many artists who feel this way - we have lost even our belief that we are the minority that knows. We believed ten years ago, twenty years ago, that we knew the secret. Now we have lost this belief. We are a minority with no power and no belief, no faith. I feel myself, as an artist and as a citizen, just totally obsolete... Okay, it can be done this way or that way or this way, or in splashes or smoothly, but why? What the hell is it about? That's why we wanted to ask people. For us - from our point of view - it's a sincere thing to understand something, to change course. Because the way we live we cannot live anymore. I have never seen artists so desperate as they are now, in this society.

- Alexander Melamid

(As cited by Carl Wilson in Let's Talk About Love: A Journey To The End Of Taste.)

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