October 8, 2009



My best work is behind me.

In the future, all that awaits is mediocrity and suicide.

I see no particular reason to do anything.

And I don’t feel like doing anything. And I don’t feel like doing nothing.

If someone could help I would let them but clearly there is nothing to be done. I am too stubborn for my own good.

All steps forward lead only towards further regret.

Something is ending. But nothing new will start.



Gabe said...

Hope you are not serious?!

Have you read Ingmar Bergman's autobiography? He felt like what you are saying throughout his career.

Jacob Wren said...

Yes, strangely I am more serious than I would like. And yes, I think such attitudes are fairly normal in art, where you always want the work to be better than it can possibly be. And, at the same time, always wondering if there's another way.

Gabe said...

Hang in there!

Gabe said...

Sorry, wrong choice of words - courage!