March 23, 2011

Four Lists


Sentences (some plagiarized, others not)

Most blues are subtitled either no sense of wonder or no sense of scale

It was like an emotion, and yet it had a cold quality, so perhaps it was not an emotion at all.

What I’m interested in is happiness with a full awareness of the tragedy of life, the potential tragedy that lurks around every corner and the tragedy that actually is life.

A novel about an actor who gets cast as the lead in a big-budget Hollywood action film, thinks the script is complete garbage, the premise reactionary, and hates every moment of shooting it.

What should I do with my violence?

The most effective lie is always the one closest to the truth.

A tsunami of conflicting paradoxes.

To live here you either have to be against everything or become a thief.

The subtlety and delicate brilliance of the questions you are currently asking.

There is no other poetry than real agency.

What you theatre people call your tradition is nothing more than what keeps you parasites comfortable.

Survival of the most caring and most cared for.

I think those films are propaganda for violence, propaganda for fear and propaganda for a very violent view of human nature.

I’ve been having overwhelming feelings of complete failure lately. Then, the other day, my fortune cookie said: “Failure is the mother of success.”

You’re the devil, and like the actual devil, you sabotage yourself at every turn as well.

I want to be one of those writers who is discovered, and greatly recognized, long after they are dead.

Failure is the other of success.

Pain, crime and sadness.
Tears, stupidity and failure.
Violence, light and charm.
Crime, wisdom and more crime.
Bitterness, love triangles and just getting by.
The peculiar, the odd and much, much more.
The polymath, the dictator and true love.
A good joke, a bad joke and a neutral joke.
Slim chances, great wealth and poverty.
Witch trials, public television and melancholy.
Permission, psychosis and the average.
Ambition, fame and regret.
Longing, talent and a lack of talent.
Sexual greed, average lust and plenitude.
Decision making, scarcity and whatever’s left.
The similar, the opposite and the word “yes”.
Again and again and again.

At least five bands have used this name.

Wood is the fire that has not yet learned to burn.

Learning that power only corrupts when we fear losing it.

Time to try all the things that have been tried before but to try them NOW, with all the paradox, complexity, confusion and vitality such a statement implies.

Evolution is a loose, somehow inaccurate metaphor/creation myth that has very little to do with either improvement or survival. Evolution is also about all the species that die off.

Just because everyone is out to get you doesn't mean being paranoid is the most reasonable or effective position to take


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