November 28, 2011

Coment on a coment on teaching


I think if they had been talking about 'family, babies or a recipe they enjoyed' I would have been equally disgusted.

But if they had been talking about a new record I might have been interested.

This is all, of course, extremely unreasonable and arbitrary. I can be flexible but I'm also searching for the pleasure of writing things that are unreasonable.

It seems insane to me that I still have a romantic view of artists, since I see no evidence to support such a view, but it remains a desire. A desire for art to be something more (or violently less) than everything I see around me.

And, reading the comments again, I realize again that my humour is often too black, slight or dry, and people miss that the words I write are both meant and not, that I feel my views as painful but can also see them (and myself) as ridiculous. (I mean, I've never punched anyone in my life.)

I am flexible. Which means I know just how boring being flexible can sometimes be.


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bibi move said...

What exactly was I learning in all those years of learning? If education is made to empower people, how is it that it seems to produce ever greater complicity in a mad world? (…)And aren’t art and philosophy both equally versed in making a viewer/reader take a distance on the things she thinks she knows too well? How is this distance, produced by philosophers or artists, different from the distance produced by the schoolmaster? And just what is this letter I am writing and has it not been written a million times before?”
The Beaver Group