January 14, 2012

Jacob Wren Links


PME-ART videos:
The DJ Who Gave Too Much Information (Hospitality 5)
Every Song I've Ever Written / Helsinki Band Night
Every Song I've Ever Written / Montréal Karaoke
Hospitality 3: Individualism Was A Mistake
Adventures can be found anywhere, même dans la mélancolie
Unrehearsed Beauty-Le Génie des autres at the 2004 5th 7a*11d Festival

Other videos:
Music and Theatre Must Learn to Disassociate / Adam Kinner & Jacob Wren
TPAM in Yokohama 2012: Jacob Wren + Tori Kudo/Maher Shalal Hash Baz
DO TANK Intervention: Jacob Wren / Relay-Interview
An apology that I have not properly documented my early performance work
Paul Kawczak Interview at Centre Bang in Chicoutimi
Jo Braus for Do Tank/Spielart
All Our Bad Ideas with Jordan Tannahill and Jacob Wren
Public Recordings, New Dramatics: an editorial meeting
Polyamorous Love Song Launch Reading
Polyamorous Love Song Interview
Rich and Poor Launch Reading
Rich and Poor Interview
Authenticity is a Feeling Launch Reading

A few things I wrote:
Four Letters from an Ongoing Series in Joyland
The Infiltrator in Maisonneuve
Big Brother Likes This in Maisonneuve
Be But Could If Is Not What for YYZ 
Resistance As Paradox and Two Other Texts in VerySmallKitchen
Twitter essay: Economic arguments for art practically break my heart
All Profound Distraction in Concentration
A Kind of Dream Therapy in Geist
A Film that Will Make the Audience Feel Pure Joy in Fence
One week of Randnotizen
Theatre Reminds Me Of Politics at OFFTA
Nature doesn’t love me yet at The Wild Bush Residency 
The Year 2017: A Collective Chronicle of Thoughts and Observations

Reviews of I wrote of others:
Review of Islands of Decolonial Love in Lemon Hound
Review of 2500 Random Things About Me Too in Lemon Hound
Review of The See in Lemon Hound
Review of Fierce Femmes and Notorious Liars in mRb

Malcolm Sutton at the BookThug Blog
Beth Follett at Open Book Toronto
Catherine Lacey at HTML Giant with ten sentences and a short interview
Kathryn Mockler at The Rusty Toque
Heather Palmer at Poetry Teachers NYC 
Will McCarry in NANO Fiction
In Different Situations Different Behaviour Will Produce Different Results: Yaniya Lee in Conversation with Chris Kraus and Jacob Wren
Satu Herrala at ESITYS
Puneet Dutt BookThug Interview Part 1
Puneet Dutt BookThug Interview Part 2
Writer's Block at All Lit Up
Tobias Carroll at Vol.1 Brooklyn
Adam Zachary in the Hart House Review Winter Supplement 2015
Arielle Bernstein in The Sunday Rumpus
Shannon Tien in Sadmag 
Nicole Brewer in (parenthetical)
Rob Mclennan in Ploughshares

Audio interviews:
Stefan Christoff on Free City Radio
Alissa Firth-Eagland and Danica Evering on The Secret Ingredient
Mark Clintberg interviews Jeanne Randolph and Jacob Wren at Luma Quarterly
Jeffrey Mackie on the CKUT Literary Report
Ben McCarthy at Precariat Content
Authenticity is a Feeling: My Life in PME-ART
Stranger than Fiction: In Conversation with Jacob Wren
Lucy Bellwood in The Seattle Review of Books
Order Authenticity is a Feeling

Rich and Poor
Jeff Miller in the Montreal Review of Books
Craig Hubert at BLOUIN ARTINFO
Jacqueline Valencia at The Rusty Toque
Jade Colbert at The Globe and Mail
Dan Twerdochlib in The Winnipeg Review
Kelly Duval Interview at BookThug
Melita Kuburas in The Toronto Star
Ian McGillis in the Montreal Gazette
Mark Sampson at Quill and Quire
J. C. Sutcliffe in The Times Literary Supplement
Karina Irvine in Canadian Art
Richard Derus at Expendable Mudge Muses Aloud
Read This, Then That in All Lit Up
Alex Good in Canadian Notes & Queries
Anne K. Yoder: A Year in Reading
Catherine Vendryes in Hot Pepper Latte
Ian McGillis, Madeleine Thien heads class of 2016
One of The Globe and Mail's best 100 books of 2016
Rich and Poor Audiobook
Order Rich and Poor

Rich and Poor - The Single
Mark Medley in The Globe and Mail
Suzanne Alyssa Andrew in Now Magazine
Dispatches from the Poetry Wars
A Literary Listen to Chaos & Star Records at domesdaynotebook
Order Rich and Poor - The Single

If our wealth is criminal then let’s live with the criminal joy of pirates
Rob Mclennan at Rob Mclennan's Blog
Richard Derus at Expendable Mudge Muses Aloud
BookThug presents: a special limited edition of two stories and an essay
Order If our wealth is criminal then let’s live with the criminal joy of pirates

Polyamorous Love Song
Shannon Tien at Cult Mtl 
Liz Worth at Quill and Quire
Jade Colbert at The Globe and Mail 
Jesse Eckerlin at the Biblioasis Blog
Keith Cadieux in The Winnipeg Review
Featured book in Maisonneuve
Andrew Wilmot at Backlisted
Manuel Vargas Ricalde at Nomadic Sojourns
Lesley Trites for the Montreal Review of Books Blog
Domenica Martinello in the Town Crier
André Forget in the Town Crier
Philip Gordon at words(on)pages
Eva Neklyaeva in her program notes for Baltic Circle
CanLit Rewind at All Lit Up
Heather Cromarty at All Lit Up
Letters we wrote to friends after reading "Polyamorous Love Song"
David M. J. Carruthers in The Bull Calf
One of The Globe and Mail's best 100 books of 2014
Polyamorøs kjærlighetssang (Translated into Norwegian by Sindre Andersen)
Order Polyamorous Love Song

Revenge Fantasies of the Politically Dispossessed:
Eugene Lim at eugenelim.com
Jason Pettus at the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography
Carl Wilson at Back To The World
L. J. Moore at Porchlight
CCLaP The Year In Books 2011: Best Of The Best
Plus A bizarre mention on the Business News Network blog
And an excerpt 

Families Are Formed Through Copulation:
Aaron Tucker at Lorem Ipsum Dlor Sit
Blake Butler at HTML Giant
Jacquelyn Davis at Bookslut
J. A. Tyler at Elimae
Andrea Nene in Broken Pencil
And an excerpt

Reviews and articles in French:
Paul Kawczak in Spirale
Paul Kawczak Interview in Spirale
Daniel Grenier at Ma mère était hipster
Annie Rioux at D-Fiction
La paranoïa, sa nécessité, ses puissances by Alban Lefranc
Daniel Letendre at Liberté
Nayla Naoufal in Le Devoir
PME-ART in French
La famille se crée en copulant:
Christian St-Pierre in Voir
Le Génie des autres – Unrehearsed Beauty:
Solange Lévesque in Le Devoir
Catherine Hébert in Voir
Hospitalité 3 : l’individualisme est une erreur:
Marie-Chantal Scholl in DFDANSE
Aurélie Olivier in Voir
Le DJ qui donnait trop d'information:
Nayla Naoufal in Dances from the Mat
Sylvie St-Jacques in La Presse
Toutes les chansons que j’ai composées:
Éric Clément in La Presse
Mario Cloutier in La Presse
Jérôme Delgado in Le Devoir
Adventures can be found anywhere, même dans la mélancolie:
Yan St-Onge in Artichaut magazine
Nayla Naoufal in Le Devoir
Sophie Lapalu in la Revue Marges
L’Authenticité, un sentiment
Mario Cloutier in La Presse
Jérôme Delgado in Le Devoir
Céline Escouteloup in Nightlife 
Sylvie Lachance Interview in Artichaut magazine

PME-ART in English
En français comme en anglais, it's easy to criticize:
Brian Parks in The Village Voice
The DJ Who Gave Too Much Information:
Phoebe Patey-Ferguson in This is Tomorrow
Every Song I've Ever Written:
Jordan Darville in The Fader
Heather Jones in Contemporary Art Stavanger
Adventures can be found anywhere, même dans la mélancolie:
Saelan Twerdy at Canadian Art

Other Performance Work
Stephanie Bunbury in The Age
Ekkehard Knörer in Der Taz


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