August 6, 2012

Art and Sport


Some people like art and others like sport / some people like making art while others prefer looking at art and some people like playing sports while others prefer watching sports / some people like both making and looking at art while others like both playing and watching sports / some people like making art and watching sports while others prefer playing sports and looking at art / some people like looking at art and watching sports while others prefer making art and playing sports / some people treat art as if it were a sport, with clear winners and losers, while others play sports purely for the pleasure, and consider who wins or loses irrelevant / some people like art about art while others prefer art that works treacherously to speak clearly of things outside itself, and though arguably any given sport is always predominantly about itself, there is also a tendency to take what happens on the playing field and use it analogously towards a greater understanding of daily life and/or the world / some people don’t like art and use their love of sports as a clear signifier to differentiate themselves from the kind of person who likes art while other people who like art might do something similar, only the other way around / some people who like both art and sports might use this fact as evidence that they are well-rounded / but I suspect there are very few people alive who have never considered taking even a slight interest in either one or the other / nonetheless, there are always a few.



Dear PM said...

Nice post Jacob! As an artist about to embark on a series of performances / videos as a goaltender with neither net nor team, with the Canadian landscape / cityscape as the playing field, I appreciate your thorough parsing of these two entities.

Gordon Foster said...

I remember admiring the freeform improv choreography of a hockey game once upon a time. Nicely put, David.