September 12, 2015

Forty-two Sentences


Either you're with us or you're with someone or something else that might be equally worthwhile.

Freedom of speech is most often the freedom to be celebrated for saying things that support the status quo and to be ignored for saying things that challenge it.

Instead of freedom of speech, freedom to establish a more egalitarian alternative to capitalism.

In my two year attempt to write a kind of strange, fictional-autobiography I now realize the block is very simple: I don't want people to know about my life.

Jealousy of other artists is perhaps the most natural part of being an artist.

Artists should have honest discussions about ambition.

Having the courage to be very briefly arrested for your artistic convictions.

If there was no capitalism I would still have desires. But what would they be?

The feeling that I'm trying my best mixed with the feeling that my best isn't actually very good.

Time before clocks.

Christmas is proof that the dominant culture is in fact dominant.

Vulnerable paradoxes.

Mohammad Mosaddegh, Jacobo Árbenz Guzmán, Patrice Lumumba, Salvador Allende.

It is completely possible for an argument to be both brilliant and wrong.

It’s going to get worse before it gets even worse.

Remembering that neoliberalism began not with Thatcher but with Pinochet, and suspecting it will return to its roots.

The best thing to do is apologize, but one should perhaps not already be planning one's apology before one does the bad thing.

It seems everyone needs an other against which to compare, but some of us find this other within.

Markets will self-regulate themselves into ever increasing, more volatile speculative bubbles that sporadically crash.

If there really was a free market it would collapse of its own accord.

When working on a new project, for me the hardest question is always when to fight and when to compromise.

All the artists I admire are such a strange combination of completely open and completely stubborn.

There are already so many books and movies and songs and wars: why make more.

The importance of writing books that are compelling in such a way that they will never be nominated for any awards.

I feel like other writers are trying to write the perfect book while I’m trying to write brilliantly imperfect ones.

I'm hopeless but not without hope.

Reinventing the reinvention of the wheel.

Emotions, one might suggest, are always left unfinished.

During the final game of the world cup, the star player decides to score on his own team's goal as an act of treason.

Solitude versus loneliness.

Desire without expectation.

The assumptions that are in a discipline's blind spot are in fact the same assumptions holding the discipline together.

Money is the lie that makes things possible, so possible we could weep.

Feeling desire is beautiful. But acting on it requires a certain degree of ethical reflection.

If there wasn't a heaven why would anyone bother dying?

Men emotionally recounting how when they were younger they were repeatedly told not to cry.

Posting the same thing over and over again seems, to me, the more I consider the matter, to be the true essence of the internet.

A feeling that the things I'm most interested in generally don't exist.

Keeping art boring in the name of artistic excellence.

Letting things not work.

This feeling that I’ve never been in more intense despair, a feeling I’ve certainly had before.

Racism and sexism are the gasoline of capitalism.


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Helen Guri said...

"In my two year attempt to write a kind of strange, fictional-autobiography I now realize the block is very simple: I don't want people to know about my life."

!!! Love this.