November 27, 2015

In the interview...


In the interview he says "it's not a racist film." But for me this isn't possible. If we are both reasonable people, and you think the film is not racist, and I think that it is, than for you the film is not racist and for me it is. We have different histories, different experiences, and different ways of understanding these issues and questions. It is a debate. It cannot suddenly, objectively become one or the other. The fact that people are protesting the film opens the question and keeps it open. The next question is where do we go from there. And whose opinion gets to dominate the conversation. And is there any possibility that the discussion might actually lead somewhere productive, towards more justice and less racism in the world. All these questions are further complicated by our overwhelming - historical and current - situation of structural inequality.


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Anonymous said...

Donc dans ta logique tu es un raciste qui juge un individu ou, comme ici, une oeuvre comme étant raciste?

Donc, tu es aussi sexiste si je comprends bien ta rhétorique simpliste? Dommage, je trouvais que tu avais un certain talent, là , je te vois comme un opportuniste du langage. Tu sais quoi? tu devrais vraiment te mettre à la retraite.
bonne chance