October 15, 2016

An ongoing list of possible titles


[It seems my main activity these day is trying to think of a title. I will attempt to continue this as an ongoing list.]

Past, Present, Future, Etc.

Jacob’s in a State of Decimation

Dry Your Tears To Perfect Your Aim

Never Having Experienced Jealousy

Imperfect Love

Unfinished Love

The Unfinished Present

My Apologies

How Not To Be A Hypocrite

Desire Without Expectation

Unfinished Love / Imperfect Love

Some Future

Life is very short and should not be spent crawling at the feet of miserable scoundrels

The Depressed Saint

Ashes Without A Phoenix

Not of the Ruins

Unfinished, Imperfect, Untitled

Everything Has Not Been Done 

My Plan is to Stay Calm

Promiscuous Bewilderment

I often say that I'm not particularly consequent

Because I Love Art, I Want Art To Be Different 

When We Bomb It's War, When They Bomb It's Terrorism

Care and Time

Pushing the Wealth Upwards



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