April 13, 2010

A list of titles from 2010


As close as possible to absolute sincerity.

The stories we tell ourselves (about ourselves) are not necessarily true.

Decadent Formalism.

The Fascist Now.

Animal Promises.

How not to be irrelevant.

Resistance As Work-In-Progress.

Secret Societies of Canada and Quebec.

To Take A Stand.

Unofficial and Superficial.

Your suggestions, once again made possible.

It’s a thin time for culture.

To be in the world but not of the world.

We had planned for all of this to go differently.

I knew it was an idea that would get me in trouble.

The power of humor to end thought.

Not enough and too much.

The untrained mind shivers with excitement at everything it hears.

Revenge fantasies of the politically dispossessed.

Don’t expect.

Individualism was a mistake.

Blood is a very specific color.

We saw it all happening.

Fascists of Rock ‘n’ Roll.


People are damaged, people are insecure.

A radical cut in the texture of reality.


Sublime Resistance.

Systems of difficulty.

With my best work behind me.

In the future there will be no art, only really great dinner parties.

Almost happiness.

Let’s all be ashamed together.

Some favorite books.

Perfection made easy.

I had meant to fail.


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