April 20, 2010



Yes, of course none of the questions are so simple and I certainly don't have answers (and I am concurrently terrified that I'm becoming something a bit like a "didactic Marxist professor.")

It's a tepid cliche, but I guess I just think everything is, in one way or another, political. I like what Boris Groys says when he says: art that says it is not political is in fact political in favor of the market and in favor of the current status quo.

I also like what Brian Holmes says when he says: what he likes about using the word "we" is that one never has the right to do so, it is always an attempt to call forth some collective action and some temporary collective form of agreement.

Of course I also want to be successful, In fact, sometimes I think I'm the most purely careerist person I know. So life is full of such contradictions. But I also want to struggle with them. (Though of course I also fear being a hypocrite.)


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