August 26, 2011

Henry Green quote


I think Joyce and Kafka have said the last word on each of the two forms they developed. There's no one to follow them. They're like cats which have licked the plate clean. You've got to dream up another dish if you're to be a writer.

- Henry Green

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Anonymous said...

This Joyce and Kafka exceptionalism, *sigh* I'm surprised you're into it too.

Starting with the obvious: nobody reads them except to say they did, unless you're a literary major that is, or an aspiring cultist floating free without a guru who needs a Bloom's Day to center their lives.

And then there's Kafka, a concept author if there ever was one. Find a concept, write a long book to weave it in, and boom. Too bad the books are so goddamned boring that the point is lost on virtually anyone who could benefit from them.

Anyway, this is just a restating of Virgil talking up Homer. I suppose it's some irony that this Henry Green dude thinks there are no more stories to tell in a style, just like Virgil thinks there are no more epics. The intellectual myopia of those who sacrifice far too much time on one or two authors and then proclaim all future unwritten works dead is... well, myopic. lol